Zero Code Solutions: Azure Machine Learning Studio

Artificial Intelligence is growing at an unprecedented rate today. The availability of data and compute resources is making AI more accessible to everyone. Azure Machine Learning Studio provides a comprehensive platform for all skill levels – whether you have never created any ML models before or are an experienced data scientist. We will go through the overall platform with a focus on Designer and AutoML.

These features were created as a no-code, visual drag and drop authoring interface to make these new advances in AI more readily available and accessible to everyone – regardless of your background. We will be going through an end to end demo on how to create and use a solution – with minimal coding.


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Tips and tricks for robust big data applications

Does anyone still care about big data?

Some people may think it’s an ancient buzzword that doesn’t attract the cool kids in the era of self-driving cars.

Well, big data is still here and will continue to be relevant as long as people and businesses need to count things.

In this session, you will learn several tips and tricks critical to any successful big data application.
You will see how to optimise data storage in columnar files to save storage costs and also improve compute performance.

If garbage in means garbage out, then your data should be of high quality.
You will learn also how to unit test big data applications and how to assure high quality data outcomes.

With the explosion of data sources a single organisation has to handle, it’s very critical to have governance and tracking.
You will see how you can track the lineage of a certain dataset so you will always be ready for the toughest auditing or compliance checks.

Finally, I will show you some tools to help with automation and collaboration.


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Introduction to Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services is a suite of services that provide access to Artificial Intelligence functionality. If you’ve never used these before then picking a starting point could prove over-whelming. This session will introduce AI on the Azure platform and provide a pathway to getting started and leveraging some powerful functionality quickly and easily. We’ll look at things like

1.Computer Vision

We’ll look at some demos and also take a look at some standard AI-enabled apps that you can start using straight way to enhance not only your career skills but your everyday life.

The session will also provide guidance on how to take this new-found knowledge to the next level in a structured way and enhance you’re career with AI skills.


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How AI and IoT can enable a sustainable future

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen above 1 degree Celsius since the late 19th century, for which we have already started seeing and feeling the consequences, with more frequent flooding, larger and costlier wildfires, and more destructive cyclones to name a few. This change is now widely agreed upon to be driven largely by increased human-made emissions. In this talk, we will explore current and future applications of AI and IoT that we can leverage to maximize our efforts, from the local to global scale, to build a sustainable future.

Workshop: How to Build a Machine Learning Model with the Azure Machine Learning designer

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a machine learning model to predict the quality of wine with the Azure Machine Learning designer. We will use an example case study, with the Data Science Life-cycle as guideline. You will first look at the Business Understanding, proceed with the Data Acquisition and Understanding. Then you will start the Modeling part, the Deployment, and finally the Customer Acceptance part. We will first introduce every step, and then elaborate on the corresponding Azure Machine Learning designer components to fulfil the steps.

Note: we assume you have basic machine learning knowledge, as this workshop only looks at the tooling and not the underlying techniques.

50 Shades of Grey–Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI

It is the best of times, and the worst of times. We are in an age where technologists can use their skills to make amazing, positive impacts on people’s lives. With these seemingly boundless possibilities also allows us to slide into a slippery slope where the same technology can be used to harm.

In this session Bronwen will cover areas of technology that can be used to help or hinder and question the increasing use of AI to bring these abilities into the hands of everyday people. She does not hold the right answers to these questions, instead wants to foster open discussion and questions on our responsibility as ethical technologists to help drive the use of technology for good.

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