Using HTML to add cool features to your Power BI reports

In this session, I will show how to use some helpful HTML tags to take your reports to the next level.
1- How to make Power BI images/icons more interesting
2- How to embed videos inside your report
3- How to use Google Fonts in your Text Box
4- How to add some movement (scroll) to your text
5 – How to give an option to your End-Users to change the text box font size

and some other excellent items that can be added to your report by using HTML.



Power BI Mapping Masterclass

All Power BI reports can benefit from an awesome map! Join me for a demo-heavy, deep-dive as we explore the many different mapping visuals inside of Power BI, with lots of real-world examples from across the environmental industry. We’ll start with the basics of how to configure a simple point and shape map, and show you how to add more elements into the mix such as custom boundaries, basemaps and 3D buildings using the MapBox custom visual. We’ll then take it to the next level and create an interactive map complete with custom icons, points and polygons, and report page tooltips using the amazing Icon Map custom visual! And lastly, we’ll be sure to cover off on the various limitations, gotcha’s and handy third-party mapping tools to help you create your own awesome maps in Power BI in no time.



GitHub Copilot – how it works, how we got here, and where it’s going

GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that helps you write code faster and with less work. Trained on billions of lines of code, it allows you to spend less time writing boilerplate and repetitive code, and more time solving bigger problems.

In practice, it can seem downright prescient, anticipating what you want. But how does it do that?

In this session, we’ll look at what Copilot is (and what it’s not), and how it works. We’ll talk about how it was created, how it’s being improved, and a little about the future of tools like Copilot.



An Intro to Azure Arc-enabled Data Services

Azure Arc-enabled Data Services provides you the ability to manage and maintain your data environment On-premises or any public cloud while giving you the same experiences and tools you are used to using from Azure. In this introductory session Warwick will introduce the components and concepts of Azure Arc-enabled Data Services, How and when you would consider Azure Arc-enabled data services.
This is in an introductory session giving you insights into a new architecture for your data platform.



(Workshop) Text mining Jane Austen with Power BI and R

Learn how to combine R with Power BI to get the best of both worlds and build your own text analysis dashboard. In this workshop we’ll load the complete works of Jane Austen straight into Power BI, then leverage the Tidy Text R package to explore sentiment, activities by gender, and common names and phrases in Austen’s novels. We’ll display the data in an interactive dashboard which allows you to filter by book.



Participants will need a laptop with Power BI desktop, R, and preferably R studio installed



Responsible AI with Azure ML

For customers building AI solutions in Azure Machine Learning, this session provides an opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles, and how Azure Machine Learning supports tools for these principles, making it seamless for ML developers and data scientists to implement Responsible AI in practice.


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