AI on the edge: aka Sharp Blade Technology

IoT has started to gain traction in the last few years. Still, the initial premise was to collect device measurements or telemetry and submit them for offline analysis on another machine or on the cloud.

With the introduction of devices like NVIDIA Jetson, Google Coral and Intel neural compute stick; devices have now enough power to do advanced analytics without the dependency on the cloud or even an internet connection. This has several benefits related to latency, security and overall solution cost.

In this demo-rich session, we’ll see how to do AI on edge devices using Azure IoT Edge platform. You will learn how to bring your own models or open source ones and run them on the device. Sync-ing data whether it’s raw data or prediction results to a reporting dashboard is a very common use case that we will explore as well. By the end of the session, you will be ready to get started building your own smart IoT solutions.

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