Video Analytics for mere mortals with NVIDIA DeepStream SDK

There are billions of cameras and sensors worldwide, capturing a flood of data that can be used to generate business insights, unlock process efficiencies and improve revenue streams.

Whether it’s at a traffic intersection to reduce vehicle congestion, health and safety monitoring at hospitals, surveying retail aisles for better customer satisfaction or at a manufacturing facility to detect component defects – every application demands reliable, real-time Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

In this session, you will learn about NVIDIA DeepStream SDK which helps developers deliver robust video analytics solutions without the need to reinvent wheels or know how to demystify a deep neural network design.

You will get to know how to:
– Use OOTB computer vision models
– Deploy solutions on edge devices like the NVIDIA Jetson family.
– Integrate with IoT products like Azure IoT Edge
– Handle real-world requirements like event-based video recording, remote management and OTA update.

If you have a video analytics problem, you don’t want to miss this session. In addition to the business use cases, it’s lots of fun!