Alice Drummond

Co-Founder DiscoverEI | Power BI Guru & Passionate Data Storyteller @ DiscoverEI

Alice is the Director of Environmental Analytics and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI. As MVP for the Data Platform, Alice‚Äôs passion is combining Power BI with design to bring environmental data to life. Drawing on her background in environmental engineering, Alice works collaboratively with government organisations to turn mountains of data into practical, useful, decision-guiding insights, and gets a real buzz from training the next generation of data champions, and is a regular speaker at Power Platform community events and conferences, and co-host of the Power BI for Enviro’s Meetup group. Alice understands the power of combining science and art to tell data stories, and embeds customised animations and infographics in Power BI reports to help bridge the communication gap between scientists and decision makers.